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Real Estate

From Commercial to Residential, we have you covered.
Real Estate

Commercial and Residential Real Estate:

With fifteen years of experience in real estate law, Scafidel oversees both commercial and residential properties. He specializes in acquisition, development, selling and leasing, as well as closings, contracts, and boundary disputes.


Scafidel also owns and operates Audubon Title Insurance Agency, LLC. He manages the agency in conjunction with his real estate practice, allowing for collaboration with design professionals, consultants, and governmental entities. With offices focused on both the legal and financial aspects of real estate law, Scafidel provides seamless service to clients interested in managing their real estate assets.


Commercial and Residential Leases:  

Scafidel Law Firm creates and reviews the leasing contract for you to remove the possibility of any loop holes or questionable clauses. 



Contracts can be difficult to navigate. Scafidel writes and reviews contracts regarding real estate to ensure that you are receiving the best value for the land you are either purchasing or selling. At our firm, the protection of your assets is always foremost in drafting and reviewing contracts.


Boundary Disputes:

If you and your neighbors distinguish property lines differently than the legal boundaries, issues may arise. Property owners that misrepresent the borders of their land will almost certainly encounter conflicts with neighbors and government entities. Drawing property lines can become vague and confusing, but Scafidel Law Firm will help you reconcile the boundaries in a way that benefits you as the property owner.


Real Estate Closings:

Legal documents should always be reviewed by an attorney before a client enters into a binding contract. Through our real estate practice, Scafidel negotiates contracts and checks for legally sound language to maintain the client’s best interests. After the closing, we will register the deed with the Parish Clerk.


 Scafidel Law Firm can also assist with the following:

  • Condominium Projects and Conversions;

  • Zoning and Planning Disputes; and

  • Resubdivisions.

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